Vultr, which was founded in 2014, is a popular vps hosting company known for small businsess entrepreneurs and personal bloggers. Vultr is one of my recommended VPS hosting providers for its low price, high performance and useful features for managing VPS flexibly.

I will show you several aspects you will consider in choosing a appropriate VPS, such as price, data center locations, benchmark, etc.


Price is not the key aspects in choosing a VPS, but we prefer to choose plans with more hardware resources for a low price. For now, considering the performance, stability and features, Vultr is offering a tempting price. Here is a list of plans with monthly pricing.

Vultr also offers hourly pricing, if you need a VPS just for several hours or days, you just pay a few cents rather than several dollars paid monthly.

Data center locations

Vultr offers 15 data centers globally, 8 data centers in the USA, 4 data centers in Europe and 3 in Asia Pacific region. It’s easy to scale a low latency infrastructure solution no matter where you or your customers may be!


Vultr offers unmanaged VPS, you have to configure and customize your VPS environment by yourself, it’s not easy. But with help of useful features, it will save you a lot of precious time. Some features are free of charge while some are not.

Snapshot makes it easy to deploy multiple VPS with same environment.

Customer ISO makes it flexible to install customer operating system by uploading an iso file.

Firewall helps you filter incoming packets by protocols orports, and reject unexpected packets.

Backup adds data-protection to your VPS. This is not a free feature, you need to pay extra 20% fees of the instance.

One-Click App makes it easy to set up a VPS server with clicks and make it running.

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The above introductions are not detailed, if you want to look into specifications, please have a look at my blog post with vultr tagged.