Vultr add Firewall to Feature List

I am very glad that Vultr added Firewall service to the feature list, this is the most wanted feature second to backup service, which has been announced. Compared to system built-in firewall, there are some advantages:

  1. Reduce resource usage of instance, because package filtering takes place at a higher level on the network.
  2. Vultr firewall is managed through the Vultr control panel, it’s much more straightforward than Linux built-in firewall service which is configured in command line interface.
  3. Vultr firewall group can be applied to multiple instances, really a time-saver.

Vultr firewall is flexible and easy to use. First, create a firewall group. Second, add desired rules to firewall group. Third, apply a firewall group to a server.

Before you apply firewall to instances, you should know the differences between Vultr Firewall and Vultr DDOS protection service. Vultr Firewall is designed to enhance the security while DDOS protection is designed to block large volumes of traffic based on proprietary detection algorithms. Vultr Firewall may a little helpful in certain circumstances, because it can be used to block certain IP protocols or source IPs by rules.

It’s time to stop system built-in firewall and enjoy the convenience of Vultr web-based firewall service.

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