Virtualization Type Detector: Virt-What

Virt-What is a shell script which can be used to detect what type of virtualization your virtual machine is using. Virt-what supports a very large number of different hypervisor types, such as Xen, KVM, openVZ, VMware and much more.

It’s pretty easy to run by typing virt-what into the terminal, here is a screenshot of the output result on a Vultr instance.

If nothing is printed and the script exits with code 0 (no error), then it can mean either that the program is running on bare-metal or the program is running inside a type of virtual machine which we don’t know about or cannot detect.

Virt-what is already packaged in common Linux distributions, you can also compile if from source.

tar -zxvf virt-what-1.15.tar.gz
cd virt-what-1.15

Virt-what is a small but useful tool, it could help you detecting what type of virtualization is if it was not detailed.

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