Manual Installation of Plesk for Linux

We usually use one-click-installer to install Plesk automatically, it’s straightforward and what you need to do is waiting. However, you also can install Plesk manually and get more options during the installation.

Like one-click-installer, you need to download the installer first and then add execution permission to it.

chmod +x plesk-installer

Option 1: Install pervious version of Plesk

./plesk-installer --all-versions

By default, one-click-installer installs the latest stable version for you, you can add –all-versions to install previous versions or testing versions manually. Based on the Operating System, Plesk will show you a list of available versions for you.

plesk all versions

Options 2: Install Plesk from web interface

Before the installation, make sure that port 8447 is not blocked by firewall and you could access it.

./plesk-installer --web-interface

Run the command above and you will be prompted to open https://ip-address:8447/ in your browser. The web interface installation is now ready and sign in with “root” user and its password, all the operations can be done in browser.

If you want to install previous version of Plesk in web interface, just combine the two arguments.

./plesk-installer --all-versions --web-interface

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